The Blue Lake Casino Loyalty Rewards Review

The Blue Lake Casino Loyalty Rewards Review

The Blue Lake Hotel and Casino, located in Blue Lake, California, raises the bar on what a fine travel destination should be on the western coastline. The rooms are spacious and immaculate, the service is incredible, and the local scenery is simply spectacular. It is also a quick five minute drive over to the Pacific so plenty of sandy beaches are nearby. Since this is one of the newer California hotels and casinos available, it also comes with all of today’s optional amenities as well.

The Blue Lake Rewards Overview

The Blue Lake Hotel and Casino makes the claim that they have the absolute best cash-back rewards program on the West Coast, plus they state that the staff is very quick to comp potential high rollers with instant room upgrades or other complimentary services. The casino itself is pretty awesome; offering everything from high stakes poker to slots, Pai Gow, and blackjack. Regardless of any other factor, it is definitely one of the most visually pleasing casino destinations in the area.

The Blue Lake Rewards- The Good

The Blue Lake Casino has their own Players Club program for members of any gambling level and they immediately start their guests out with $5 in free play. As gamblers become noticed, however, it appears that many of the traditional loyalty rules go straight out the door and replaced with a very tempting comp program that gives everything from VIP concerts to cash-back to new vehicles and other incentives. We also like that the Blue Lake Casino caters to both casual gamers and high rollers alike; they are willing to accept wagers of almost any amount and private tables can be arranged if the stakes are right. Almost anyone would find the Players Club membership a pleasant change from what you’d find in other California establishments.

The Blue Lake Rewards- The Bad

In all honesty, this is one of the first California casino reviews where a glaring negative does not jump right off the page when you take a closer look at their loyalty program. The Blue Lake seems to make everyone feel special with plenty of comps and giveaways; even if it is simply a few rounds of free play for amateurs looking for a little adventure.

Since there is always a negative, however, we will point to this destination’s overall track record with serious high rollers…it really doesn’t have one. Of course, most of this can be attributed to the location being new to the area, so it will take some time to see if all of their promises are ultimately fulfilled.

The Blue Lake Rewards- Overall

To summarize my feelings about the Blue Lake Casino loyalty program, this is the only destination to date that I am looking forward to revisiting the next time I am in California. Like I pointed out earlier, everything from the actual rooms to the finer details in the hallways was excellent and the gambling was about the best you’ll find in this region. Combine that with plenty of perks and freebies and you’ll see why the Blue Lake will be a premiere destination for international gamblers in the near future.