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Compound interest is the "Eighth Wonder of the World," and Ed explains its power in a way that is clear and meaningful to students and young adults. - William Selby, Managing Director, Gabelli Asset Management Investment Management Firm

My college students learned a great deal from Ed's concepts. I think a number of them will think very seriously about starting a savings and investing program. He stressed it is the discipline and the regularity, not the amount, that counts. I only wish I had done this when I was younger. - Gloria Gabel, University of Missouri Kansas City

The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy believes in the importance of teaching our youth personal finance instruction. Ed's book can help students understand the importance of saving and the difference that it can make in their lives. He covers many other important financial concepts including investments, safety and diversification, tax shelters, Roth IRAs, 529 Plans, etc. - Dara Duguay, Executive Director, Jump$tart Coalition

Ed spoke to my entire student body and my teaching faculty about making $1,000,000 with only $2,000. His explanation of the Rule of 72 was eye opening to our students. I believe this can benefit every student and young person. - Douglas R. Henry, Principal, Brookfield High School

Ed has done a wonderful job explaining some basic and important financial concepts to young people. We've used some of his materials on our Web site at www.aba.com and we feel that parents and grandparents would find his book to be a valuable resource. - Susan Cole, Director, American Bankers Association Education Foundation

Ed appeared as a panelist on our PBS television show entitled Making Your Kid a Millionaire. His passionate ideas on the importance of saving early in life are clear and concise and, if implemented, will enhance the financial prospects for today's youth by 1,000%. - Dennis McCuistion, Host, McCuistion on PBS

The principle of compounding is one of the most undervalued concepts by the general public. The sad thing is that if we understood it better, retirement would not become the financial burden that weighs on our mind. Using the principles in this book is the answer to a comfortable retirement. - Suzanne Short, Author, Wisdom Daddy Taught Me: A Path from Poverty to Prosperity

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